Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Picking up random skills

Wow the summer vacation is just what I needed but at the same time I am picking up so many random time gaps. I find myself able to learn so many new skills with this free time. I mastered the Rubix cube and can now solve it in 3 min 30 seconds. I am learning some new card tricks. I have time to look up camcorders for my dad. There are so many aspects to look at I wish I had some help looking. Plus I have time to study for my motorcycle licence. I really like that chance to find out about getting my relaters licence. I think I would be good at selling houses to people. I seem to be able to find the good in any home and can make any home my own.


I just started coaching a grade 4-5 basketball team. My first game is this friday at 7:00. I am so nervous and I am not sure how the kids are going to react to having a new coach more than half way through the season. I am just wondering would it would have been like for me to get a new coach during my time as a basketball player. Well I am sure that I have my work cut out for me but never the less I am excited this is a new responsibility that I have been waiting to engage in. I have always wanted to coach and this is my opportunity to give it a try. I want to be involved in sports for the rest of my life. If I can play i'll teach and when I can't teach ill watch.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chinese final is over!

My Chinese exams are finished finally. I didn't think learning Chinese would be so difficult but it seems to only get harder. The more I learn the more I find out I don't know. I had the oral exam yesterday and I must have said 再说一遍 (please say that again) a million times haha. I hope I did well :) I only have two more finals left!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

There is a new person in my life.

I had to wake up to a cat on my face!

This is a new person in my life and what a cute cat! I was sleeping and this cute kitty woke me up. To be honest I love mornings. I get a text message from my favorite person in the whole world and now I have two cats that come and keep my company. Life is... good.

Fun with friends!

Just having a great time making new friends and hanging out with old ones!

This night was so much fun. We all went out for bubble tea and then came back to my place. I knew less that half of the people that came to my house but I made new friends very quickly. I played pool and then played basketball. Hurt my foot but score the winning basket so it was all worth it in the end. I hope I can have more good times like this!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

New to blogging

I'm new to this so I just thought I would make a simple blog so I can check were the blog shows up and how it shows up. I also would like some feed back from people. What are some things that yo wish you had done when you first started your blogs. I hope to hear from people soon :)